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"Nothing More than Fairyland"


The day has come for Mr. Knightly to move into Hartfield. But will the Knightly's marriage survive the day?


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Jane Austen Made Me Do It


edited by Laurel Ann Nattres

published by Ballantine

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Steampunk Darcy


William Darcy is obsessed with his ancestors. So much so that he intends to rebuild Pemberley (destroyed during the Uprising) stone by stone, and he wants to employ reconstruction expert Seraphene Grant to help him.


Or does he? Seraphene wasn’t born yesterday. She can smell a rat, particularly when it stinks all the way up to her airship. She knows Darcy is hiding something. But with the Authorities after her and her other options dwindling by the moment, the temptation of genuine English tea and a gorgeous Steampunk gentleman are very difficult to resist.


But what if Darcy’s mystery job courts nothing but trouble? What if Darcy is harboring a secret to kill for? When kiss comes to shove, will Darcy’s secret destroy Seraphene, or will it be her salvation?


Join us on a romantic adventure like no other in this whimsical Pride and Prejudice-inspired tribute, featuring Darcy, Wickham, dirigibles, swashbuckling pirates, and a heroine with fine eyes and an attitude.


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Jane Austen Made Me Do It

Torn between his heart

and his mind…

Mr. Darcy must make a choice.


Fitzwilliam Darcy has always been able to keep his emotions under control. That is, until he falls under the spell of Elizabeth Bennet and surprises himself by blurting out a proposal to her like a moonstruck youth. Stung to the quick by her rejection, his pride in tatters, and left with no possibility that she will ever return his regard, Darcy determines to put all thoughts of her behind him. But even Town with its boundless opportunities for amusement can't keep the image of Elizabeth Bennet from pursuing him everywhere he goes.


By the time Darcy leaves Town to travel up to Pemberley, he has learned one thing. There is only one way to overcome Miss Bennet’s bewitching hold over him and Darcy is desperate enough to try it. The solution is to get married. And this time, he is not going to choose a wife by allowing his emotions to lead him by the nose.


His choice will be entirely rational…


In this Austen Variation, Monica Fairview traces Mr. Darcy’s journey as he struggles to come to terms with the upheaval Elizabeth Bennet has caused in his life…and his heart.



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Latest Reviews

"I loved seeing such an emotionally-charged, reflective, and romantic Darcy..."

"Ms. Fairview is an excellent writer and pulls the reader into the story with her characters. Mr. Darcy’s Pledge is charming and entertaining."

"Mr. Darcy’s Pledge has to be one of my favorite pieces of Austenesque fiction that I’ve read. I read it just one day; I couldn’t put it down."